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It can be hard to get to know people during a Sunday morning service, so we meet in smaller groups during the week too. If you're exploring faith, or want to grow with like-minded, fun people email to find out about groups near you.


Prayer is a vital part of church life. We hold weekly prayer meetings on Thursday nights at 8pm and Saturday mornings at 7.30am, both at our church office in Rochester. Feel free to join us, or email with any questions. 

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Church Suite is an online platform that facilitates all aspects of church life. Think of it as a social networking site dedicated to Cornerstone. It's a quick, efficient way to get stay updated. Click here to create a profile and get involved.



We run a friendly, based in Rochester High Street,  with wholesome fresh food, welcoming staff and volunteers and a vision to strengthen community life in Medway. Run in partnership with Medway Council, Jaspers Cafe is open to all and welcomes a number of community groups including 'Chatty Cafe'. Pay us a visit Monday to Friday and learn more here.


Christians Against Poverty is a national debt counselling charity that offers hope and a solution to people in debt through its top quality service. A CAP advisor will look at your income, bills and debts to help create a budget for you that will lead you out of debt. Cornerstone's partnered with Christians Against Poverty to offer the course. It's completely free. Call 0800 328 0006 to book an appointment with Cornerstone City Church Debt Centre.


Money impacts all areas of our lives. CAP Life Skills is a course that offers practical skills to help you stay on top of your household bills, see your money go further, and eat well on a budget. The sessions are run by trained coaches who are there to help people survive on a low income. It's a relaxed and fun environment and the service is completely free.

Email Susie to find out more.


This thriving Connect group meets on the first and third Thursday each month, 2-4pm at the Jasper Centre, Rochester (find the full address on our visit us page). Connect welcomes anyone over 50 for refreshments, chat, games, films, special events and outings. If you're interested, contact

Pat on:

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If you're exploring faith, or know someone that wants to learn more about Christianity, we run regular Alpha courses. It's a series of meetings taking place once a week, and each session is dedicated to unpacking a big idea or claim about religion. Any question is allowed and it's a safe space to ask it. Fancy hearing more? Then email


Are you, or do you know anyone who's new to Cornerstone Church? If so, we'd love to offer you a meal on us. We run regular Intro meals to meet and greet new people and make sure no one slips by the wayside of good community. Email to find out when the next meal is!


Freedom in Christ is an internationally run course helping Christians grow in their understanding of... you guessed it, the freedom they have in Christ. Over ten weeks, this course looks at truths that set can set people from guilt, shame and unhealthy habits. It teaches about a new mindset and perspective on life. We usually run Freedom in Christ, once or twice each year. For more info click here, and to find out when our next course is email:


For all parents and pre-schoolers, Jasper Jingles is a welcoming group that runs on Mondays between 10.00-11.30am.  Combining playtime, musical instruments and refreshments. It's a great place to make friends and sing some simple songs together! £1.50 donation per family. Learn more on the Facebook page here.


CAP Money is a simple and effective course that teaches people budgeting skills. It can help anyone gain control of their finances, save and prevent debt. Cornerstone's partnered with Christians Against Poverty to offer the course in our community. It's completely free. Email to find out more.


Cornerstone runs regular youth events for different age groups, spanning across Years 7-13. These include Sunday evening IGNITE gatherings, to termly film and activity weekends, and even annual festivals. Anyone looking to find out more about our Youth programme can contact:


Connecting business leaders, entrepreneurship, finance and the church together. Business Link is a way of seeing the Kingdom of God advance in all sectors of society. The Cornerstone City Church Business link exists to inspire, give a biblical vision and understanding, share skills, network and offer mutual support where possible. You can find out more information here, and learn about our participation in the Relational Mission Business link. 

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